Who's Who in Governance


Contact details
Located on 6th Floor, Maxwell Building unless otherwise indicated


Areas of responsibility

Wai Yan Loh
Information Governance Officer
tel: 0161 295 5910
email: w.y.loh@salford.ac.uk


  Support to Head of Information Governance
Dealing with Freedom of Information requests and Subject Access Requests
Maintenance of Information Governance website

Provision of advice and guidance in relation to: Freedom of Information, Data Protection, Copyright and Records & Information Management 

Christa Price
Senior Information Security Officer
tel: 0161 295 5910
email: c.price@salford.ac.uk



Information Security 
Policy Framework for official documents

Jill Provan
Personal Assistant/Support Co-ordinator
tel: 0161 295 2259
email: j.provan@salford.ac.uk



  Corporate Governance clerical support

Stewart Smith-Langridge
Senior Assistant Secretary
tel: 0161 295 9005
email: s.smith-langridge@salford.ac.uk


Corporate Governance
Finance and Resources Committee
Remuneration Committee
Student Experience Committee
Committee Handbook
Corporate Governance website and publications


Matthew Stephenson
Head of Information Governance
tel: 0161 295 6856
email: m.stephenson@salford.ac.uk  

Freedom of Information Data Protection
Copyright Records and Information Management
Management of Information Security
Register of Interests and Register of Gifts

Martin Toner
Assistant Secretary
tel: 0161 295 7035
email: m.toner@salford.ac.uk

Audit and Risk Committee
Governance and Nominations Committee