Academic Year Dates

Semester Dates

If you are looking for basic semester dates, follow this link for Semester dates up to 2017/18.  To view the Structure of the Academic Year, including week numbering, click on the relevant year below:

  • 2014/2015 (approved by Senate December 2012)
  • 2015/2016 (approved by Senate December 2012)
  • 2016/2017 (approved by Senate December 2014)
  • 2017/2018 (approved by Senate December 2014)


The Almanac is an academic year calendar of key University dates, providing semester dates as well as meetings of key governance and management committees including the Executive Board, Council and Senate. A separate listing of special University events is available here.

The Almanac is available in several different formats:

1. Almanac Outlook Calendar

From their campus desktop Microsoft Outlook University staff can open other users’ folders for which they have appropriate permissions. All staff have “Reviewer” access to the Calendar folder of the user “Almanac” that appears in the global address list. Download the Instructions (PDF) to find out how to access the public Almanac and copy or import individual events into your own Outlook Calendar.   

2. Almanac Diary

If you wish to have a hard copy of Almanac dates in chronological order, the  Almanac Diary is ideal for printing in A5 booklet format (PDF file).

  • 2015/16 (as at 06 October 2015)

3. Almanac Year Planner

This one-page planner format incorporates Almanac dates in summary format.

4. Microsoft Access database files

These files can be used for importing multiple Almanac dates into personal Microsoft Outlook Calendars. From your campus desktop Microsoft Outlook you can download a file to import Almanac dates (either all academic year dates and Almanac meetings or just the key semester dates/holidays) into your Outlook Calendar.

The following database files are available available for downloading and importing into your Calendar:

Complete Almanac (includes semester dates): 

Complete almanac 2015-16 (as at 06 October 2015)
Complete almanac 2014-15 (as at 21 November 2014)

Semester dates only: 

Semester Dates 2014-15
Semester Dates 2015-16
Semester Dates 2016-17 (Coming Soon)

Download the Instructions (PDF) to find out how to import Almanac events into your own Outlook Calendar.


  • Contact ITS Service Desk (ext 52444) for help with downloading or using electronic versions of the Almanac.
  • Email Almanac to make comments on or suggest additions to the Almanac. Feedback on the usefulness and ease-of-use of the Almanac formats would be particularly appreciated.


If you have little or no experience of Microsoft Outlook Calendar and wish to know more you will find supporting material at